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My bullet vibe died.  My go to, every night, trusty bullet.  I get out of bed and order one on oneday shipping from amazon, no thought to it.  Thank you, free year of amazon prime.

I cut into my grocery budget next week, I find it to be such a necessity.  I can’t get off with my fingers/don’t like getting off with my finger.   What do you think, am I crazy, or is this “normal”?

This is what I use, fyi.



  1. woolywitch said: I think everybody is different, I /can/ get off with my fingers, but I prefer some kind of vibrating stimulation, but you do what you gotta do sweetie.
  2. ariaonthefloor said: Completely normal. I cut into my textbook budget and used my credit card for them to get my new vibe, haha.
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