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KinkyPlans for Thanksgiving Weekend!

Allow me to introduce two new players to this blog. 

Twitchy: A lovely woman who I met at the munches in my hometown.  She showed up and I threw her in the thick of all of us.  She did very well and has become one of the “regulars.” She is adorable, and when I saw her play with boyperson at one of the parties, I drooled.  a lot. 

Big Pappa: Who picked his own, very suitable nickname, has been coming to the munches for a while.  I’ve had a crush on him for a while, but atlas, we’re both big bad Dom’s who are not inclined to switch. 

A few weeks ago Big Pappa messaged me and invited me to play with him and Twitchy.  I was thrilled.  Twitchy can take a PVC pipe to the cunt like a boss, and I have plans that involve this pipe and a flogger.  

Timing is difficult, because I now live on the other side of the state.  I threw out Thanksgiving weekend as a date, and what would you know?  I have a play date set with them! 

Twitchy and I talked tonight about her limits and likes.  I must say, it got me quite excited ;)  It will be an interesting experience to co-dom!



  1. littlemxswitch said: That sounds so awesome! I hope you’ll share how it goes :)
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