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A very long time ago someone told me, in regards to subspace, “I feel like liquid, like I’ll go all over the place if you don’t hold me together.”  For some reason, I’m thinking of that person and remembering that statement fondly. (I wish you well, E)

What does subspace feel like for you?



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    It’s similar for me but more of a “floaty” feeling with a hint of numbness and warmth. Sometimes it makes me completely...
  2. stevewes answered: Grab a pole and hang from it for ten minutes,just hang and clutch. Then let go and fall back on cool sheets. The ache, the release, all of it
  3. littlemxswitch answered: Fuzzy. Spacey. The very first time mimicked being high on pot, actually. Never as intense since. I’m sensitive to sound. Feel small and needy
  4. girlonaleash answered: It feels like a healing space.
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