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hitachti rip off story time

True story time!

I have a chargeable plug in vibrator.  It is too powerful for me to use on myself and generally I dislike it.  I have a chronic ish tension, so it’s forever being used as a real massager! 


prettykinkythings replied to your post: Uh…

If you have a super powerful vibrator, lay on it. Always helps my back pain when I whip out the plug in.

Bahahahaha You mean you actually use a “massager” as a massager?!  Awesome!  I might actually give it a shot, but that struck me as very funny.  (Like we don’t know what a Hitachi is really for.  “Massager,” please.)  My new vibrator is a Hitachi-impersonator (cordless, yay!), so I’ll give it a go.