New Year’s Eve Party

Happy New Year!

We had a great game of Cards Against Humanity with prizes.  I sadly did not win any of the prizes (A flogger, a hard plastic paddle, and a dragon’s tongue). 

the party dragged before and after the game for me until toward the end.  Twitchy had just come up from the wax play table and was looking warm and comfy when we decided to play.  I got her up on this interesting little modified cross thing a friend of mine made, to accommodate some physical issues.  She was almost laying down on it.  I was just playing with sensation play, since she’d been beaten solidly earlier.

Then I remembered that she mentioned wanting to play with ice.  Being the accommodating person that I am *cough* I got out some ice, and ice pack, and then a plastic tube popsicle.  That popsicle was so much fun.  It was great for dragging over her skin, and also for impact play.  It left a great mark as well, so me being me, I left a lot of them on her thighs.  I didn’t get out the pipe (you may remember she can “take a pipe to the cunt like a boss) but the popsicle was used in place of the pipe to suitable success. 

I finished up the little interlude with massaging the muscles along the underside of her breast.  I’ve found most people with larger breasts carry an amazing amount of tension under them, that feels so good, but hurts so bad when rubbed.  That had her crying out much more than the ice :D

So then I took a friend home, crashed, and woke up sick :(  stupid overly rich food.  But I’m better now, and I just have pack up for going back to apartment!home tomorrow :(  On the bright side I will be visiting a TNG munch in the area!