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In which a wild slow-word appears.

I had a scene with boyperson on Friday night.  I had some trouble doing what I had planned, like all of the plots went out of my head as soon as he was naked.  Or maybe when he showed me the hot pink paracord he’d gotten in exchange for being a CBT demoperson at a event he went to, it was inspiring.  However, it didn’t inspire me to have firm plans. 

Anyway, I get him all trussed up and then go “Oh god I don’t know what to do right now…”  (any Dom or person who tops who tells you they always know what they are doing are bullshitting you, we’re all human).  I end up getting him on his back and jerking him off as I am alternating slapping and choking him, which is tricky to manage, but so hot when I get it right. 

He was making sounds and twitches like I’ve never heard/seen from him before.  It was beautiful.  I’m enjoying the mix and decide to add my favorite toy to this mix, the pinwheel. 

It was….breathtaking, when I pressed my hand against his throat (…pun not intended) and rolled that sharp little pinwheel over his skin. It felt like I was able to keep it up for an hour, but was likely only 15 minutes until he used his slow word. 

I’ve never had a scene where the bottom used any of their words.  My brain heard “yellow”  butprocessed”red”. 

I backed off a bit too fast, after the scene, when he and I were goofing off he suggested I ease back before stopping completely.  Which is something I will be doing in the future, should this happen again. I stop and just pet him him, letting him come down before getting him up and giving him a drink. 

I was reeling some, but the scene was over in my head, I couldn’t get back into my top space.  It was an interesting experience for me.  I’m thankful that boyperson understood what my thought process was, and has always bounced back quickly from scenes so we could talk right away. 

There was more, but I need to talk to boyperson and see if it’s okay if I post the rest of the night!



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