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Masturbation Fantasy #1

I was impossibly horny yesterday.  I was writing a story with a friend (I collaborate smut writing all the time, it’s fun to each take a character and throw them together to see what happens) and when I got up I could feel how wet my cunt was while I walked. 

I slipped into my bedroom and reached for my trusty bullet, pressing it against my clit and all but humping off on it.  As I did so I created the most delicious fantasy.  This hot curvaceous girl was standing in front of me, all but trembling in anticipation.   I inspected her thoroughly, before making her bend at the waist and hold her pussy open for me to inspect.  

She was wet, but as a toy for me to use, she had to be.  “Dirty little slut,” I sneered as I laid my hand across her ass, making her whimper prettily.  I then fit her with a vibrator in her cunt, on high of course, and a bulbed plug in her tight ass.  A chastity belt followed, more to keep her from touching the vibe than anything. (She was a naughty little whore, my fantasy self knew she would if I hadn’t locked it in her.)

And then I came, hard, and didn’t get to play the rest of the fantasy out.  Perhaps next time ;)



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